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At Battlefield 1403 we are all aware of the damaging impact that plastic products are having on the environment and our planet at large.

This problem is particularly relevant in our industry, that of food and drink.

As a result, we are currently addressing the plastics issue on both a short term and medium term basis.


In the short term

  1. We encourage our customers to help us reduce our plastics requirement with a ‘bring your own’ containers initiative.  This is applicable to butchery and pre ordered Battlefield home produced items only at this stage.
  2. We also encourage customers to bring their own bags.  While our bags are compostable and made with GM free corn starch, our ‘bring your own’ policy will help us to reduce our bag requirement.


In the medium term

  1. We are continuously seeking alternative packaging options for our Battlefield range of home produced items.  We are kept updated by our packaging suppliers on new packaging products on the market and we also speak to other retail outlets to see what products they use/are planning to use.
  2. We are continuously speaking to our suppliers and producers to Battlefield ensuring that they are taking all necessary steps to ensure their produce is contained in non plastic packaging where possible.