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Here is our product list – for collection or delivery. Once an order is placed we will give you a delivery date – but please note that currently we need to allow 7 days for your delivery. If you wish to collect this will be quicker, we will advise you when you place your order. Collections should be made before 4pm please. Also please note that all items are subject to availability.

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All of our home cooked range and butchery products can be frozen. Vegetables are supplied per kg unless otherwise stated. Weights, measures and prices may vary. This list will change and items will be subject to availability. Please watch this page as some products on the list will vary over time. We will advise on confirmation of your order. A £5 delivery charge will be applied to all orders. Delivery days are as follows...

Tuesdays – SY4 addresses
Thursdays – SY1 & SY2 addresses
Fridays – SY3 & SY5 addresses

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From the Kitchen

Beef Bourguinon Small (serves 2) £4.95
Beef Bourguinon Large (serves 4) £7.50
Beef and Ale Pie (Small) £4.95
Beef and Ale Pie (Large) £8.15
Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie (Small) £4.25
Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie (Large) £6.95    
Beef Lasagne (Small) £4.75    
Beef Lasagne (Large) £7.15    
Cottage Pie (Small) £4.15    
Cottage Pie (Large) £6.15    
Lamb Curry (Small) £4.95    
Lamb Curry (Large) £7.50    
Winter Vegetable & Lentil Lasagne (Small) (V) £3.95    
Winter Vegetable & Lentil Lasagne (Large) (V) £6.75    
Sauteed Potatoes £3.15    
Dauphinoise Potatoes £3.50    
Braised Red Cabbage £2.95    
Battlefield Coleslaw £2.25


From the Bakery                             

Small White Loaf £1.50    
Mixed Grain Loaf £1.75    
Battlefield Crunch Cob £2.15    
Bread Roll 4 Pack (white or brown) £2.00
Mixed fruit scones 75p each    
Butter Buns 90p each    
Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits (packet of 4) £3.50
Cookies (packet of 4) £3.50
Flapjack Tray Bake (GF) £3.25
Triple Chocolate Brownie traybake £3.50
Shrewsbury Biscuits (packet of 5) £2.25                                 



From the Deli                            

Shropshire Blue £1.90 per 100g 
Colston Bassett Stilton £1.70 per 100g    
Aspatria Mature Cheddar £1.15/100g    
Snowdonia Black Bomber £4.20    
Snowdonia Green Thunder  £4.20    
Battlefield Faggots (Pack of 4) £2.50
Cooked meat – ham, turkey, beef all £1.85 per 100g
Moydens Cheese – Wrekin blue £2.40 per 100g
Moydens Cheese – Wrekin white £2.50 per 100g
Moydens Cheese – Caer Caradoc £2.50 per 100g
Moydens Cheese – Newport £2.50per 100g
Moydens Cheese – Newport 1665 £2.50per 100g
Coopers Sausage Roll – The Oinker (Plain pork) £1.90
Coopers Sausage Roll – Shropshire Blue £1.90
Coopers Sausage Roll – Apple and Black pudding £1.90
Coopers Sausage Roll – BBQ £1.90
Coopers Sausage Roll – Vegan £1.90
Capricorn Goats cheese (100g) £2.70
Red devil (200g) £4.20
Caws Cenarth Brie £1.69/100g
Russells Plain (Small) £1.55
Russells Plain (Large) £3.55
Russells Chilli & Garlic (Small) £1.95
Russells Chilli & Garlic (Large) £4.50
Russells Pork and Apple (Small) £1.85
Russells Pork and Apple (Large) £4.90
Russells Turkey and Cranberry (Small) £2.10
Russells Turkey and Cranberry (Large) £4.90
Reg May Plain (Small) £1.85
Reg May Plain (Large) £3.70
Reg May Pork and Stilton (Small) £2.10
Reg May Pork and Stilton (Large) £4.20
Reg May Ploughmans (Small) £2.10
Reg May Ploughmans (Large) £3.35
Reg May Fidget (Small) £2.10
Reg May Fidget (Large) £4.20
Reg May Chicken and Ham (Small) £2.10
Reg May Chicken and Ham (Large) £4.65
Peppered Steak Pasty £1.70
Cheese and Onion Pasty £1.60
Meat Pasty £1.70



From the Farm Shop                           

Proper Milk (1ltr) £2.00 (we cannot accept empties for deliveries)   
Whole Milk (2 pint) 95p    
Semi Skimmed Milk (2 pint) 95p
Eggs  6 x Medium  £1.55    
Eggs 6 x Large £2.05    
Butter Westry Roberts farmhouse (500g) £4.85    
Loose potatoes 80p/kg    
New/Salad potatoes £1.50/kg    
Loose carrots £1.10/kg
Savoy Cabbage £2.30 each  
Parsnips £2.25/kg
Cauliflower £1.55 each
Broccoli £4.56/kg
Swede  £1.35/kg
Leeks £3.50/kg
Cucumber 90p each
Celery £1.45 each head
Spring onion 90p per bunch 
Iceberg lettuce £1.99 each
Little Gem £1.77 each
Salad tomatoes £3.05/kg
Cherry Vine Tomato £8.00/kg
Apples (cooking) £3.20/kg 
Apples (eating) £2.50/kg
Courgette £2.62/kg
Rhubarb £7.55/kg


From the Butchery 

Beef (Locally Sourced Grass fed) £/kg
Sirloin steak £28.45
Rump steak £19.45
Fillet steak £41.45
Rib-eye steak £27.95
Minced steak £9.15 or 2lb for £8.00
Minced beef £7.00 or 2lb for £6.00
Best braising steak £10.75
Chuck steak £7.45 or 2lb for £6.50
Shin beef £8.95
Diced beef £9.15 or 2lb for £8.00
Stewing beef £7.45 or 2lb for £6.50
Beef strips £9.15 or 2lb for £8.00
Beef roulade £1.50 each or 4 for £5.00
Topside/Silverside £13.45
Brisket (rolled) £11.05
Rolled sirloin £27.95
Rib of beef (bone in) £20.95

Farmhouse 2 packs for £6.00
Pork and Apple 2 packs for £6.00
Lincolnshire 2 packs for £6.00
Cracked black pepper 2 packs for £6.00

Pork (Staffordshire Free Range) £/Kg
Pork chops (bone in) £10.45
Pork chops (boneless) £12.45
Pork steak £12.45
Belly slices £8.85
Leg of pork (boned and rolled) £10.60
Shoulder of pork (boned and rolled) £10.45
Loin of pork (boned and rolled) £12.45
Rack of pork (bone in) £12.45
Pork belly joint £8.85

Bacon £/Kg
Dry cured Back bacon £12.25
Dry cured smoked Back bacon £12.45
Gammon steak £10.25
Bacon chops £12.25 (Pack of 2)
Gammon joints £10.25

Barbeque £/Kg
Beef burgers £1.00 each
Pork and Apple burgers £1.00 each

Flavour section £/Kg
Beef and Vegetable stirfry £10.75
Chicken Tikka (diced with onion) £10.95
Pork Schnitzel £12.45
Pork Loin Chinese plum £12.45
Lemon and Coriander chicken fillets £10.95
Piri Piri chicken fillets £10.95
Minted Leg lamb steaks £17.75

Poultry £/Kg
Chicken fillets £10.95 (Pack of 2)
Chicken thighs £7.35 (Pack of 5)
Chicken Kievs £3.55 each
Shropshire Blue chicken parcels £3.75 each
Mixed herb chicken parcels £3.75 each
Barn reared chicken £5.25
Skin-on chicken fillets £10.95 (Pack of 2)

Lamb (locally sourced, grass fed) £/Kg
Barnsley chops £17.25
Lamb loin chops £17.25 (Pack of 4)
Lamb Rump steak £17.75
Lamb Leg steak £17.75
Leg of lamb (Half or whole) £15.75
Rack of lamb (7 bones) £12.45 each
Diced lamb £14.60
Minced lamb £12.45
Lamb liver £7.95
Lamb shoulder (half or whole) £11.65